Chinese Aluminium Shenanigans

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Just imagine the following:

You have just crashed your McLaren in a rally in the foreign Italian countryside. You sit in the newly minted multimillion dollar piece of modern art bleeding and consider your life choices.

"Should I have stayed in Singapore? Was hording 6% of the world's aluminum for an eccentric Chinese multibillionaire from a small Mexican town in some kind of Bond movie plot the best use of my time? Those cartels that steal the trucks around our armed guards and attack dog patrols can just have every damn bit of the millions of tons of illegal aluminum we have under the tarps and hay. Yeah... if I can just make it back to my million dollar bed in my high rise office/old porn studio in Texas I won't ever leave it again."

You have bled far too long now. The periphery is starting to fade in rhythm with your ever more slowly pumping heart. You know it won't be long now. Just as you are starting your final fade to black, you see a head ease into view from the top of the vacancy where the windshield was. The eyes are comically wide. The mouth sags open quivering, but it is soundless.

It's Mr. Bean...

This is the honest to God situation that Po-chi "Eric" Shen found himself in according to this article:

In 2014, Mr. Shen wrecked a rare McLaren F1 sports car while on a driving tour in the Italian countryside. The crash made the news after fellow McLaren enthusiast Rowan Atkinson, the British comedic actor who plays 'Mr. Bean,' came to his aid.

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