Molossia: proof that you can have your own country at home

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The self-proclaimed "Republic of Molossia" is a micronation in the United States founded by Kevin Baugh, who, before declaring his house and property an independent country, lived near Dayton, Nevada.

Obviously, it isn't recognized as a country by the UN or any other country, including the US.

Molossia's capital, and government's house is Baugh's house. Baugh is the current president and ongoing dictator of the so called country.

Molossia's territory has other properties (also owned by Baugh): "The Protectorate of New Antrim", located in Pennsylvania and "The Colony of Fartfalia" in Northern California. There is a huge piece of land on Venus (yes, the planet) claimed by Molossia as "Vesperia", and a huge spot at the north of the Pacific Ocean, at the southwest of Mexico, also claimed by Molossia and called "Neptune Deep".

All this seems to have started back in September of 1999, when Baugh created it and declared himself the father and first president. Then, on November of 2012, he created a petition on the White House requesting the recognition of his nation, but it failed due to lack of signatures. Other two events had place in the search for recognition, but none of them seemed to work, but one: being listed on Wikipedia. Oh, well, there is also an earlier mention on the "Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations" paperback, published by John Ryan on 2006.

There is a bit more info about it, but the whole thing was too much for the author of this post and his brain was near exploding, so he decided to step back and hand it over to us, and... us... couldn't continue with his work without sacrificing our own mental sanity.

So, if this small summary about this small country isn't enough for your curiosity, here's a small list of resources you can take a look at to satisfy it:

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